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IPTV, Interactive Digital Television a high-end solution for mobile-homes.

PAY TV, VOD, APPS, media transfers… More than just television.
Provide your customers with a top quality service in your mobile-homes, on a par with traditional hotels. This original service will become a new source of revenue for your camp-site.

OFFER A NEW TV EXPERIENCE TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. _________________________________________________________________

IPTV,  interactive digital TV
Provide your customers with a large choice of French and international channels. The programmes broadcasted are all digital quality and can be seen in several languages. Access is made via a mosaic of services which filter subscription channels, adult channels and international channels.
Provides a catalogue of more than 2,000 different films   which are regularly updated and renewed. These options are paid for by your customers and provide you with a new source of income for your business.
Provide services and a comfort identical to classic hotels.
trasnfert media
Media transfer + more
Our solution uses uses the TV screen as a projector for videos and photo media transferred from your clients' smartphones and tablets. By a simple manipulation they transfer content to the television and can organise an evening photo show in one of your mobile-homes to re-live the best moments of their day.
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