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Camping internet access terminal, dynamise your reception area.

Modernise your reception area by simply making it a digital centre.
Easy to install, and can be used by holidaymakers of all ages. The web corner is a great way of adding a touch of connectivity to your site. The Passman web corner, is a complete multilingual digital service.
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arobaseWeb corner or cyber space

A simple Internet access point or a cyber zone dedicated to gaming and multimedia, with a whole range of add-ons: printer, scanner, webcam, digital photo viewer, audio headphones, multi-charger… Know more

un All in One

PASSMAN provides a complete range of computers to suite your needs: from the standard and robust ACTIVA to the refined design of the iMac, or Dell: models vary from 19 to 24 inch.

96% satisfaction with our web corner solutions. It is easy to add a digital touch to your site and provide the services your customers are looking for.

The Internet terminal is physically secured as well as secured by our PUBLIPASS software which protects both users and your business. Each time a connection is made, the previous data is erased so your customer uses a clean terminal. Data traceability and conservation for each connection, stored on our servers for one year, protects you against any fraudulent use of your web corner. Know more


The interface is personalised with your business logo and home page design. The Internet terminal provides services which are accessible by personalised prepaid card or payment by credit card on our online secured payment platform.

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