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THE Wifi for camping, a reliable, efficient and secure solution for holidaymakers.

Resulting from 2 years of work, our solution offers quality wifi whatever the surface and typology of your establisment.
Based on terminals designed for outdoor use and MESH military technology, wifi enables you meet your holidaymakers'requirements by combining high speed broadband with a large number of simultaneous connections. .

Hotspot wifi or total cover of your campsite, THE WIFI for Camping AVAILABLE FOR ALL... EVERYWHERE !

Intelligent Wifi

Our dynamic bandwidth management algorithm, which integrates session equity, allows for the distribution of bandwidth according to individual needs. This means that the user-friendly navigation is optimal for every user, even with a large number of simultaneous connections.


Our wifi campsite complies with the laws on traceability of connections and data retention for fight against illegal downloading in accordance with the HADOPI High Authority. In order to protect you, users authenticate themselves and the legal data are stored so that they can be passed on to the authorities of necessary.

wifi_smartphone_passmanNotre technologie outdoor permet d'offrir un réseau de qualité, adapté à tous les types d'établissements, quelle que soit leur superficie et leurs contraintes terrain. En installant un wifi camping, vous apportez à vos clients un service de connexion internet haut débit fiable, performant, sécurisé et confidentiel.

The price of wifi packages is designed according to your needs and are scalable to take into account your type of establishment and the characteristics of your customers. They can vary according to the duration and number of connected devices and are suitable for everyone : from a single user for a short period of time to a long stay for a family.

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